CNC Machining Technology Creates Chatting Robot

- Dec 21, 2017-

CNC machining technology creates chatting robot

How much is the medical cost of public and private hospitals? How much can you save by using the allowance? The government plans to launch a chat robot "Aunty Bill" in the future, making medical expenses clear at a glance. The "science and technology people" series on the 8 Channel News introduces you how to check and compare medical costs through this chat robot.


The Ministry of health has a lot of information on its website, which may let the public do not know where to do it when it is searching for information. The government's science and Technology Bureau and the Ministry of health are discussing how to simplify the process of public access to information through chatting robots.


The chat robot named "Aunty Bill" can calculate and compare the medical costs of hospitals, and help patients choose the hospitals that are most suitable for needs and economic capabilities. With this chatting robot, the public can get rid of the trouble of inquiring the cost of websites of various hospitals, and no longer need to call the hospitals for consultation fees.


"Aunty Bill" provides an interactive and convenient self-service user interface. It helps public and patients to compare and screen hospitals that are most suitable for their preferences and budgetary hospitals or ward types when they choose their own medical services.


We plan to apply this chat robot to many popular chat apps, such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, and the public can use this service without installing new applications separately.


The chatting robot is just a prototype, and is expected to enter the big chat applications in the future.


"Aunty Bill" is a team composed of five people sent by the Ministry of health last year to participate in BotFest 2016, a chat robot research and development contest held by the government science and Technology Bureau and Microsoft Corp. The chatting robot got second in the game.