CNC Machining Technic

- Nov 15, 2017-

CNC machining program preparation methods has manual programming and automatic programming. The entire contents of the manual program is manually prepared by the numerical control system specified instruction format. Automatic programming that is computer programming, can be divided into language and painting based automatic programming method. However, no matter what kind of automatic programming methods, you need to have the appropriate hardware and software.

So, the CNC machining programming is the key. But, just CNC machining programming only is not enough, CNC machining also includes a series of preparatory work before CNC machining programming and after-treatment work after CNC machining programming. Generally, CNC machining process include the following:


(1) Select and determine the parts and content for CNC machining;

(2) Analysis CNC machining parts drawings;

(3) CNC machining process design;

(4) mathematical treatment of parts drawings;

(5) preparation of processing procedures list;

(6) according to the program production control media;

(7) program verification and modification;

(8) Trial machining and on-site problem solving;

(9) CNC machining process document setting and filing.

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