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- Jan 19, 2018-

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"Dragon" dance, exploring the deep sea to be in time


The "dragon" manned submersible project, which was developed by the Chinese ship heavy labor seven - two, was awarded the first prize of the national science and technology progress award. The project chief designer, Xu Qinan, the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and He Chunrong, the director of seven two, went to Beijing to receive the award from the project team.


"Dragon dragon" is the first self designed and self integrated 7000 meter level manned submersible in China. It has been launched by seven hundred and two units and nearly 100 units in the United Nations. In June 2012, "dragon dragon" successfully completed the 7000 meter scale sea trial task. The largest diving depth reached 7062 meters, creating the diving depth record of the similar submersible of the world. China has become the fifth country in the world that has the ability of deep manned deep diving operation.


"In the history of deep-sea equipment development in China," dragon dragon "has played a milestone role and won the national science and technology progress award, which is the affirmation and encouragement for all the R & D personnel of" Jiao long ". He Chunrong told reporters that the "dragon" opened the gate of the Chinese people into the deep sea. From the "dragon", the Ministry of science and technology has launched a project of 4500 meters and deep sea deep manned submersible development, and the deep sea equipment in China has developed into deep depth. Last year, the "deep sea warrior", which could be submersible 4500 meters, was successfully delivered, its localization rate reached 95%, and other important deep-sea equipment was also in the process of intensifying research and development. As China's deep-sea equipment technology system is becoming more and more complete and the industrial base is gradually established, it is very important for China to explore the deep-sea ocean in an all-round way.


Zhongfushenying carbon fiber limited liability company led to complete the "dry jet wet spinning kiloton / 100 tons of high modulus carbon fiber industry key technology and application" project, this also won the first prize of national science and technology progress award. Jiangsu Eagle spinning machine Co., Ltd., Donghua University is a joint completion unit. The project first accomplisher, zhongfushenying carbon fiber as the project award on behalf of the company chairman Zhang Guoliang, attended the ceremony.