CNC Machining Process Requirements

- Nov 17, 2017-

1. CNC machining parts shape and Position Accuracy Requirements: The given shape and position tolerance on the pattern is an important basis to ensure accuracy. In the machining, according to its requirements to determine the positioning of the benchmark and measurement standards, but also can be based on the special needs of CNC lathes for some technical processing, in order to effectively control the shape and position accuracy.

2. CNC machining parts dimensional accuracy requirements: Analysis of dimensional accuracy requirements of the drawings, in order to determine whether the use of CNC turning or CNC milling technology to achieve, and to determine the control of dimensional accuracy of the process.

3. CNC machining parts surface roughness requirements: Surface roughness is an important requirement to ensure the microscopic surface accuracy, but also a reasonable choice of CNC lathes, tools and determine the basis for the amount of cutting.

4. The geometric conditions that make up the contour: For manual programming in turning, each node coordinate is calculated; in the case of automatic programming, all the geometric elements that make up the contour are defined.

5. CNC machining process materials and heat treatment requirements: The drawing has material and heat treatment requirements, to choose tools and CNC lathes models, to determine the basis for the amount of cutting.

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