CNC Machining Process Analysis

- Mar 14, 2018-

CNC machining process analysis

The complexity of the CNC machining process is very complex, ranging from the selection of the right machine tool to the determination of process content, from the analysis of the part drawing to the design process, from the adjustment of process procedures to the rational allocation of CNC machining tolerances and the final programming process. But the CNC machining CNC machining also has the adaptability, the flexibility is good, can machine the contour shape is extremely complex or difficult to control the size of the parts and a fixture positioning, can carry out multi-process CNC machining parts and CNC machining accuracy, stable and reliable CNC machining quality and other advantages . This article will take a typical part of the CNC machining as an example to illustrate the characteristics of CNC machining.

It mainly includes the following aspects:

1) Select the parts that are suitable for machining on CNC machine tools and determine the contents of the operations.

2) Analyze the parts to be processed, specify the CNC machining contents and technical requirements, and then determine the CNC machining plan of the parts and formulate the CNC machining CNC machining route, such as the division of the processes, the arrangement of the CNC machining sequence, and the convergence with the traditional CNC machining procedures.

3) Design CNC machining process. Such as the division of work steps, the positioning of parts and fixture selection, the choice of tools, the determination of the amount of cutting and so on.

4) Adjust the procedures for the CNC machining process. Such as the knife point, the choice of tool change points, the determination of CNC machining routes, tool compensation.

5) Assign tolerances in CNC machining.

6) Handle some process instructions on the CNC machine tool.

In a word, the CNC machining CNC machining content is more, some are similar to the ordinary machine tool CNC machining.