CNC Machining Parts Which Can Be Processed?

- Nov 08, 2017-

CNC machining center can process what kinds of parts? This is a wide range of issues, which involves a lot of industries and our lives are closely related. Such as some of our mobile phone parts need to CNC machining, most of the phone shell was been CNC processing out. The parts material has Aluminum alloy, copper, stain steel, silicon rubber etc.

Here we introduce some of the industries you are familiar with CNC machining.

1. IT/electronics

2. Fiber optic communication

3. Medical equipment

4. Aerospace / Aviation

5. Auto parts (wheel hub, steering wheel etc.)

6. Intelligent robot (Service robot parts , industrial robot parts etc.)

7. Automation equipment (bank equipment shell, small automation equipment shell, 3D printer parts and UAV parts etc.)


CNC machining parts.jpg

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