CNC Machining In Chongqing China

- Dec 15, 2017-

CNC machining in Chongqing China

2017, China's robot industry development conference was held at the Yuelai International Conference Center of Liangjiang New District. Liu Zhong, deputy director of the Municipal Commission of letters and commissions, said at the conference that the robotics industry was booming in Chongqing, and our city has increasingly become one of the most important robot production bases in the country.

Chongqing has successfully developed 22 robots, and built 14 automated demonstration lines, including the first robot finance leasing company, and successfully built the industry of "capital + market + R & D + matching". Four of the top five robot manufacturers in the world have come to Chongqing.

The top five robot manufacturers in the world have four houses in the new area of two rivers

Kawasaki, FANUC, KUKA, ABB... The top five robot manufacturers in the world have come to Chongqing and have settled in the new areas of the two rivers.

Why are the robot giants choosing a new area of the two rivers?

"Liangjiang New Area with their own advantages, to distinguish it from other areas of domestic robot industry development mode, adhere to the promotion of" vertical integration of government, production, learning and research, and gold ", to guide the development of innovation, in order to supply the demand, build ecological industry agglomeration, to attract enterprises to improve the chain." Two China Merchants Group Vice President Li Guang introduced, two rivers district set up a special robot leasing company, with the integration of market orders to drive industrial development, set up R & D and manufacturing, testing standards, show experience, education and training, incubation function platform for the integration of "one zone five platform" industrial ecology, has been widely recognized by the state ministries, industry associations and the main body of the market, and by the domestic authority named the "best investment environment of intelligent equipment industry park".

Chongqing Daily reporter learned that, at present, has been the introduction of Liangjiang New Manufacturing and robot integrated system body nearly 30 projects, mainly concentrated in the water park, the total contracted investment of nearly 3 billion yuan, is expected annual production value of nearly 7 billion yuan. Two river industrial robots have initially formed a more complete industrial chain covering manufacturing, integration, application, service and key parts. Meanwhile, the service robot project has also started.

The commercial service robot "yoyo".

Yesterday, the signing of the conference, the two River New Area re signed 4 robot projects. Among them, this choice settled in two rivers Beijing Kang Li plus blue Robot Technology Co., Ltd., is the world's leading service robot R & D, manufacturing and robot application solutions provider.

The company marketing director Zhao Botao introduction, Kangli excellent blue will take high-end large-scale service robot "yoyo" into the Chongqing market. Yoyo is 1.28 metres tall and weighs 60 kg, with wheel drive legs, hands and fingers to taste, each finger can move independently, each arm has 10 degrees of freedom.

According to reports, "youyou" is the first domestic production of large-scale service robot, is following the Japanese Pepper robot, the world's second real commercial products. "Youyou" and "Pepper" in addition to the overall height is similar to that of the design idea is to create a large service robot in the field of global benchmark products, all kinds of application developers to create the operating system provides the APP interface integrated into the robot body, so that the robot has various functions, can become a member of the bank, the company reception, shopping guide the tour guide, shopping guide, restaurant waiter and so on, in all areas of the labor gap are expected to be widely used.

In addition to the excellent blue Kang, shortly before the Tang of artificial intelligence, XORT composite movable tooth drive reducer, micro robot chain robot robotics and artificial intelligence projects are also settled in two rivers area.

As one of the most cutting-edge artificial domestic Intelligent Company Shang Tang Group, will be in the construction of artificial intelligence project, Liangjiang New area.  Projects with a total investment of 2 years is about 100 million yuan, including building 1 Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer Center, 1 branches of artificial intelligence industry fund, 1 Tang technology headquarters and southwest southwest research institute and 1 artificial intelligent industrial park. The research and development, promotion and industrialization of AI technology are carried out in the fields of intelligent transportation, intelligent security, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent robot, intelligent education, intelligent finance, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

Micro chain technology will focus on the field of 3D robot vision, the "micro robot chain" R & D sales center built in Liangjiang New Area, plans to invest 20 million yuan in 3 years, and plans to move the group headquarters to Chongqing.

"Robot + finance" hired robot

"Industrial robots are expensive, many companies want to use, but can not bear financial pressure. But what if, like a hired worker, hire a robot? " Shen Huichang, executive vice president of the Chongqing two river robot Finance Leasing Co., Ltd., said at yesterday's meeting.