CNC Machining In Agricultural Fair

- Nov 25, 2017-

This CNC machining agricultural fair from the exhibition content, there are many eye-catching points. Or creative modeling, or advanced technology, or exquisite craft, or interactive games, people have a refreshing feeling.

1. the map of Zhejiang that you have never seen. The main exhibition center by other "beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan around the stone and the characteristics of agricultural products is composed of a map of Zhejiang, representing the province in-depth practice the" two mountains "concept, vigorously promote green agricultural development, showing a thriving scene, a riot of colours.

2. colorful seed wall. The Exhibition Center entrance with rice, corn, watermelon, gourd seeds make a colorful seed painted wall, meaning "strong strong agricultural seed industry". Through the mutual reflection of crop seeds and seedlings, it reflects the important position of seed industry in the development of agriculture.

3. special seafood ship. The characteristics of agricultural town of Shepan Island seafood has been on the CCTV "tongue on China". Set up a center area of Shepan Island seafood boat, sail high, three crabs, Wang Chao, jumping fish, squid, sea anemones and other small seafood "travel" full ship.

4. put on the armor of pomelo tree of wisdom. The information in the agricultural exhibition, a tree connecting all kinds of sensors, Wentan intelligent equipment, consumers can see the scene of tree health through computer terminals, such as soil, water, plant diseases and insect pests data, data management and intelligent agricultural production.

Big ecology in 5. small models. In the ecological recycling exhibition area, a model of 18 square meters, showing the Longquan orchid giant modern ecological recycling demonstration area how to achieve the main small cycle, park circulation and city wide cycle, is a typical model of ecological recycling agriculture demonstration area in the mountain area of our province.

6. person pig AR virtual interaction. In the green animal husbandry exhibition area, through the synchronized 3D interaction between human and "virtual cartoon pig", the magical pig planet is explored together. The scene photos are taken and downloaded as a souvenir, and the beautiful artistic conception of harmonious coexistence between human beings and animals is constructed.

7. charm Rubik's cube to bring you to enjoy the beautiful countryside. There are 20 national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties in the magic cube of the leisure agriculture exhibition area. As long as you click the mouse randomly, you can take pictures with beautiful countryside, and share the WeChat circle of friends, and print photos on the spot.

8. artificial intelligent agricultural machinery equipment. Agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition, remote control robot, plant protection unmanned transplanter, remote operation of micro tillage machine and intelligent greenhouse control platform, agricultural Butler intelligent management platform, realize agricultural driving control of unmanned intelligent data information, production and equipment management. The field will arrange agricultural UAV, vegetable seeder and other simulation work demonstration.

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By George Ding