CNC Machining Center Programming And Processing Of Some Tips!

- May 28, 2019-

CNC Machining Center programming and processing of some tips!

In the process of CNC machining center, it is very important to avoid collision when programming and operating the CNC machining center. Because the price of CNC processing center is very expensive, a few hundreds of thousands of yuan, more millions of yuan, maintenance is difficult and expensive. However, the occurrence of collisions has certain rules to follow and can be avoided, which can be summarized as follows.

1. Using computer simulation system: With the development of computer technology, the teaching of NC machining is expanding, more and more NC machining simulation systems are developed, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. Therefore, it can be used in the preliminary inspection procedure to observe the movement of the tool to determine whether collision is possible.

2. Using the analog display function of CNC machining center: Generally more advanced CNC machining centers have graphic display function. When the program is input, the graphical simulation display function can be invoked to observe the tool trajectory in detail, so as to check whether the tool and the workpiece or fixture may collide.

3. Make use of the locking function of CNC machining centers: General CNC machining centers have locking function (full lock or single shaft lock). When the program is input, the Z axis is locked, and the collision can be judged by the coordinate value of the Z axis. The application of this function should avoid changing knives and other operations, otherwise the program can not be passed.

4. Utilizing the empty operation function of CNC machining center: Using the empty operation function of CNC machining center, the correctness of tool path can be checked. When the program is input into CNC machining center, the tool or workpiece can be installed, and then the empty operation button is pressed. At this time, the spindle does not rotate, and the worktable automatically runs according to the program trajectory. At this time, it can be found whether the tool is likely to collide with the workpiece or fixture. However, in this case, it is necessary to ensure that the tool can not be installed when the workpiece is installed; when the tool is installed, the workpiece can not be installed, otherwise collision will occur.

In a word, mastering the programming skills of machining centers can improve the processing efficiency and quality and avoid unnecessary errors in processing. This requires us to constantly sum up our experience in practice and constantly improve, so as to further strengthen the ability of programming and processing.