CNC Machined Security Robot

- Jan 19, 2018-

CNC machined security robot

In 2017, the rise of the concept of "robot + security" has opened up a new wide field for intelligent security. The security robot called security robot, according to the forecast, by 2020, within the scope of the global robot market value will reach $34 billion 672 million 800 thousand in 2015 to 2022, at the same time, professional service robots (including medical, defense, rescue, security, logistics, construction machine) will dominate the Android market.


As a subdivision area of robot industry, security robot is based on actual production and life needs, and is used to solve hidden dangers, patrol monitoring and disaster warning. In order to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and reduce the loss of life and property. In addition, according to the division of the service place, it can be divided into security service robot and security patrol robot.


In the strategic planning of "China made 2025", "made in China" should be transformed into "China's intellectual creation". In the background of the market and the state policy support of the "cake" under the catalysis of traditional manufacturing enterprises have set off the replacement tide, with robots to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency. This demand is particularly urgent for the traditional security industry, which relies heavily on manpower and monitoring equipment.


From the perspective of robot industry, there are few industrial robots, and there are not many enterprises engaged in security robots. But according to the needs of the security market, the market of the security robot has great potential. Of course, with the boom of the domestic robot industry, there are also security companies joining the robot product development team, such as Hai Kang Wei intelligent storage robot, Dahua child accompany machine, national community robot, high new patrol robot and so on.


So far, the development of domestic security robots has been more than a year. Last April, National University of Defense Technology launched the first set of security and intelligence services in an intelligent security service robot, to realize the low cost autonomous navigation technology, intelligent video analysis technology and a series of breakthroughs in key technologies, the design idea of "Security + service" and "things in the disposal of the first function, it is important to the significance of enhancing national public security and anti-terrorism ability.


It is reported that the security patrol robot, as a new product, has the special advantages that human resources do not have in environmental response and strong performance. Nowadays, more and more security robots are applied to parks, public places, and public places. They are also applied to special sites such as security patrol, electric power patrol and track inspection.