CNC Machined Parts Technology Research

- Jan 19, 2018-

CNC machined parts technology research

As an important representative of new technology, AI is developing from technology research to industry application, and has become a new driving force for economic development. The industrial development space is huge, and its application prospect is broad.


Zhangzhou has a number of enterprises have a certain industrial base of artificial intelligence, which can solve in the wisdom of enterprise solutions have many years of experience, and has been developing foreign project output work, in the service robot also has some practice, the existing power enterprise service robots, service robots and other related products; Ming Xin intelligence in the intelligent equipment have already shown the ability. Municipal People's Congress, the Fujian branch of Electronic Science and technology development limited company chairman Wu Yixi suggested that the formation of artificial intelligence industry alliance, through the enterprise jointly promote the application of artificial intelligence technology in manufacturing, health care, life service, city governance environment, enhance the ability and level of industrial development, the integration of resources in the area of industrial chain, derived a number of artificial incubation intelligent enterprise, the development of a number of artificial intelligence service enterprises, the formation of characteristic advantage industry clusters.


Wu Yixi suggested that Zhangzhou plan artificial intelligence Industrial Park, gather resources, optimize the layout, occupy the highland, and boost the economic transformation and upgrading. Application of artificial intelligence in depth, through the extensive application of artificial intelligence in various fields, support organizations and artificial intelligence platform for enterprises to provide professional services, encourage backbone enterprises, industry associations and related research institutions, industry innovation alliance to build and promote the use of artificial intelligence service platform, through the introduction of artificial intelligence, the popularization of the concept, strengthen the training and introduction of talents, technology, promote the accumulation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of artificial intelligence and resources, accelerate the depth of integration of artificial intelligence and social economic and industrial areas, vigorously develop new industries, new technologies, new models and new formats, enhance the quality and efficiency of economic development in Zhangzhou city.