CNC Machined Parts Created Dancing Robots

- Jan 26, 2018-

CNC machined parts created dancing Robots

Hsinchu city junior high school students, Chen Xiangyun bamboo light rock high school students to raise even 5 students believe that artificial intelligence will bring change to the world, UGO team, build a robot "Louis" simulation, live performances, smooth dance, won the youth world cup robot dance team won the third place, the Asian Pacific American school students Chen Yijia to rescue the robot won the champion.


Youth Robot World Cup is regarded as one of the world's 3 largest robot competitions, Chen Xiangyun and other students developed "Louis" Robot World War one pack, through smooth dance and lifelike imitation skill, but the production process is not easy, frankly to make robots to simulate human action is the most difficult part.


"Louis is the king of heaven!" Chen Xiangyun said that the production of simulated human action robot takes a lot of time and spirit from institutions, circuits, programs, choreography and stage design. A total of 14 motors with a height of 158 centimeters and a weight of 25 kilograms are used to achieve the level of Louis imitation, and follow the movements of the operators to flexibly move the limbs.


Pacific American school students Chen Yijia, design of rescue robot, the research target is to increase the efficiency and the success rate of rescue robot, senior group and Super Team champion, will be the biggest winner, we can save more lives by robot.


The student group found bamboo city of Thailand team player in the tournament alone alone, will actively with Thailand, Russia's Super team in the show. When the Australian team lacked plastic motor gear parts, Zhu city students also helped generously. The conference gave a special "Friendship Award" to praise the selfless international view of students.