CNC Machine Tool Machining Process

- Jan 27, 2018-

CNC machine tool machining process

Process of cnc machine tool.

It will be processed parts drawings on the geometry information and technology of the information written in code and format prescribed processing procedure, and then process the input numerical control device, according to the requirements of the program, through numerical control system information processing, distribution, making the coordinates of a number of minimum displacement, realize the relative motion of the cutter and workpiece, complete parts processing

Data conversion process in nc machining.


Q decoding (interpretation)

Translator's main function is to express in text format (usually use ASCII) parts processing procedure, to convert knife repairing procedures section as the unit processing procedures required by the data structure (format). This data structure is used to describe data information after a program segment is interpreted. It mainly includes: X, Y, Z and other coordinate values; Feed speed; Spindle speed; G code; M code; The cutting tool; The sequence and format of data or tokens such as subroutine processing and loop call processing.

Q knife repair (calculating tool center track)

User parts processing program is usually compiled by part contour, and nc machine tools in the center of the process control is in the process of cutting tool path, so before processing it must will transform into a contour cutting tool center path. The completion of this conversion process is the completion of the knife repair.

Q interpolation calculation

This module system with delta t interpolation period prescribed in the regular operation, it will be used by various linear (straight line, garden arc, etc.) of parts contour, F according to the program given feed speed, real-time calculated each feed shaft displacement instructions within delta t (delta X1, delta Y1,...). , and sent to the servo system to achieve the forming motion. This process will be further described below.

Q PLC control

PLC control is the "sequence control" of machine tool movement. In CNC machine tools and internal each trip switch, sensor, button, relay switch state condition of signal, and according to the pre-determined logical order to such as spindle start-stop, reversing, tool change, workpiece clamping and releasing, cooling and control the operation of the lubrication system, etc, etc.