China In The Ultra-precision Machining Core Technology Breakthrough

- Aug 30, 2017-

Not long ago, the administrator on the site to see a report on the ultra-precision machining, that our country under the efforts of many experts, has been in the field of ultra-precision machining technology has made a very big breakthrough. China in the control of one thousandth of a minute ultra-precision mechanical processing of the core technology has made a breakthrough. Recently, this has its own intellectual property rights of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan - car crankshaft, camshaft follow-up grinding equipment support technology, has passed the national identification. Which is to enhance the overall level of China's machinery manufacturing industry is of great significance.

This technology is in Zhejiang, a production workshop for the experiment, the technology precision machining machining crankshaft follow-up grinder and foreign advanced grinding machine at the same time with the same type of crankshaft. Identification of experts on the scene were selected to be processed parts, with internationally recognized authority of the detection equipment for comparative testing. The results show that the key index of the machining of the machine tool - the roundness error of the connecting rod is only 0.0028mm. This accuracy is not only better than the error of 0.0042mm of the comparative workpiece, but also the accuracy of 0.003mm standard requirement. This is a very proud result, so that China's precision machinery processing industry proud of.

There are ultra-precision processing experts said that at present, only a few countries in the world control the core technology related to ultra-precision machining. China through the purchase of foreign advanced equipment, and then the beginning is to imitate, to the later beyond, it can be considered a two original breakthrough, mastered the ultra-precision machining core technology, pushing our sophisticated machining development and Enhance the overall level of manufacturing has a significant practical significance. Production of the equipment of the company's official said that the machine has a high precision, long life, low cost characteristics, and the price of less than half of the same imported machine, cost is very high, can be widely used in the upgrading of traditional grinder.

Reporters learned that the study in 2008 by the Ministry of Science and Technology included in the national high-tech research and development plan, by the Zhejiang Normal University, a group of professors team success. The technical results can be widely used in a variety of mechanical power and transmission system manufacturing. With our country Chang'e III on the moon in the realization of a soft landing, we become the third in the world to become the success of the country landing in the moon, which indicates that our country is now all aspects can already go to the front of other countries The.