Car Wheel Prototype Machining Process

- May 21, 2018-

Car wheel prototype machining process


Wheel hubs are widely used in the automotive industry. They are mainly rigid wheels that are used to fix the inner edges of tires, support the tires and bear the load on the tires. For example, an automobile manufacturing company develops a product that needs to be a car after the drawing design is completed. The wheel stencil came out to verify that there were some deficiencies in the design of the product.


Car wheel hub plate processing process:


1.Programming: According to the drawings provided by the customer to write the program


2.CNC Machining: Through programming, the machine tool can perform the specified actions and remove the unnecessary parts of the material to obtain the prototype of the product.


3.Manual processing: After the cnc machining hub plate, there will be a lot of knife marks on the surface of the palm plate, which will need to be polished.


4.Spray paint: spray a few layers of paint on the hand board polished to a certain degree of roughness. And after high-temperature baking and setting, compared with ordinary paint, baking paint has better high temperature resistance.