Aluminum Alloy Shell Parts Machining Surface Treatment

- Dec 21, 2017-

Aluminum alloy shell parts machining surface treatment

With the development of industrial production and science and technology, people have put forward various new requirements on the surface properties and appearance of metals. For example, people are more and more tired of the shiny plating luster when the product is used in a large area. The aluminum alloy shell is made of aluminum Alloys made of materials for a variety of housings, due to processing convenience, high flexibility, high grade, which can effectively increase the added value of products to be widely used in the electronics industry, generally including aluminum shell and aluminum die-casting shell.

Name: Prototypes

Production: CNC machining

Size: According to customer requirements produced

Color: According to customer requirements

Meticulous CNC machining makes the surface smooth and seamless

Advanced equipment and process design make it perfect from any point of view

High-precision machining, the highest precision tolerance of up to 0.05-0.1 mm

By Nicole

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