Aluminum Alloy Parts Manufacturers Machining Aluminum Parts Processes

- Dec 13, 2017-

Aluminum alloy parts manufacturers machining aluminum parts processes

Aluminum alloy parts machining technology can be rough, finishing separate, roughing is completed, the parts are heat-treated, the part of the cutting stress and residual stress fully released, and then finishing, aluminum alloy in the industrial sector is the most widely used A material that plays a big role in the production of aviation, aerospace, automobile and machinery. The aluminum alloy has low density but high strength. It approaches or surpasses high quality steel and has good plasticity and can be processed into various profiles. Now it is available to everyone describe the process:

Programming: According to the drawings provided by the customer to write programs.

CNC machining: the program on the CNC machining equipment, according to the preparation of a good program to start machining.

Manual handling: machined parts of the surface there will be a lot of knife marks, you need to go hand-cranked.

Surface treatment: After oxidation of aluminum alloy parts, the appearance of the effect will be more attractive, a layer of film on the surface, not easy to scratch.

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