AI Combined With Chinese National Literature Perfectly And USTC

- Sep 30, 2017-

Xunfei intelligent robot Alpha eggs make its first debut on Chinese bridge Hunan TV programmes.

The annual "Chinese event" "Chinese Bridge" hot in the new phase of the program and foreign friends and poems Fu is actually like an egg like a robot, is already popular "robot Diplomacy "?

In recent years, Hunan TV's "Chinese Bridge" Chinese competition will be "Chinese famous brand" to all corners of the world, triggering "world language Chinese" era boom; attract more and more love Chinese culture foreign "little brother" , "Little sister" who gathered in Changsha, to participate in this year's "Chinese event".

This is not the current "Chinese Bridge" from the Egyptian Wei Qi by virtue of "engage in Mozi slightly?", "Get Han le?", "Get stronger enough?" This fluent "Chinese dialect three combo" Let Everyone eyes bright; skin white and beautiful long legs of the South African Miss Kelly also changed everyone on the African stereotypes, became everyone's "goddess". In the "Chinese Bridge", more and more like Wei Qi and Kelly so favorite Chinese culture of foreign young people with their own excellent Chinese in the current "Chinese Bridge" on the performance of brisk, harvest, to everyone left a profound impression.


Some users found that the "Chinese Bridge" there is more powerful "God assists" - a robot looks like an egg even with Mandarin and these foreign friends freely dialogue, but also together with the poem! Know "ping pong diplomacy", "panda diplomacy", is now also the rise of the "robot diplomacy".


Originally, the players as a large experience, came to the HKUST fly building, experience the tour of China activities. In the news fly, they met the legendary famous red robot - Alpha big eggs. As the players of the "assists", this friend is not simple, big egg "whole body is a play", the scene exhibition talent, to help the players how to more efficient faster and more in-depth understanding of Chinese culture, let the players exclaimed " "I love China to make", "China's technology development even so quickly."

Many of the world's leading intelligent voice technology allows players to feel the rapid development of China's technology, which is the innovation and development of these high-tech, only to help the arrival of today's artificial intelligence + era.


More careful users said: This "looks like an egg" of the robot, not just a while ago in CCTV "future architect" in the future battle of the World War, but also to 4: 1 score to win the alpha egg The

Yes, the mouth of friends, "into the diplomatic circle, and foreign friends freely dialogue, poetry for Fu" the star "egg player", it is from the fly Feiyun Technology Co., Ltd. Alpha eggs.


The reason why the alpha egg is a "star player", not only because it participated in the "Chinese Bridge", "future architect"! As early as March 12 this year, the Alpha egg in the 64th German iF design award ceremony because of gains "iF International Design Award" a hit.

May 21, the alpha egg to 20 points advantage in the Guangzhou primary and secondary school science knowledge contest victory over "genius boy" team.

June 28 - July 2, Alpha eggs came to the Tianjin International Convention and Exhibition Center, to participate in the World Artificial Intelligence Exhibition, also received a live CCTV, Tianjin news network to its detailed reports.

August 19 - 26, Beijing Lao She teahouse to participate in stage performances, Alpha big eggs play "dog egg" corner, for the audience to bring a cool interactive experience.


August 23 - 27, Alpha eggs came to Beijing Yizhuang Convention and Exhibition Center, to participate in the annual robot event - "World Robot Conference", also accepted the Zhongguancun online live interview ... ...

This series of activities to Alfa big eggs become a dirty network of red robots, can really accompany our children healthy and happy to grow.

"Yan Yan way" but still rely on talent

Seen the alpha egg full of the trip, the star "egg player" "red and purple" image is not becoming more convincing? But in the final analysis, the big eggs by the red or talent.

As by the HKUST Fei Fei Hefei Amoy Technology Co., Ltd. effort to build an education accompanied by intelligent robots. Alpha large egg robots aggregate educational content, super TV, video calls, smart speakers and natural language interaction and other functions. With the fly Feiyun to give Alpha eggs, "the human brain", the ability to understand the egg, the ability to express, IQ will be with the depth of self-learning, growing, is a real robot.


Super Meng sound

Based on the technical advantages of HKUST, Alpha Egg is equipped with TY OS system. Big eggs can really understand your expression, so as to make feedback. In addition, the alpha egg in the voice recognition is the depth of the child recognition is optimized, so that the recognition rate of up to 94% of children, with the industry's best children's voice semantic effect, which effectively avoid the children in the AI voice interaction Of many problems.

Class of human brain

The big egg is loaded with the super brain, so that it can self-learning evolution, when the children made difficult to answer the strange question, it can be like us, through the search to understand and learn, and then for the children to answer. In the process of gradually understanding the child, the egg of the understanding, expression and IQ will continue to grow, so as to more accurately to the children to provide more like the content. And children grow together, star players big eggs called the child's most intimate "confidant".

Really accompany

When the parents work busy, the alpha big eggs can accompany the children to chat, give the children singing, telling stories. Parents can also make real-time video calls via APP and home kids.

Yi tutor

The star egg player or a "mentor"! Alpha egg has a rich educational resource library, poetry, English, mathematics, big eggs from the non-sub-subjects, the door "show" are handy, it is not, big eggs and Chinese bridge little sister who poems are completely under. In the final analysis, big eggs became popular, relying on the hard power!


In fact, the strength of the group of large eggs there is a "brother" - Alpha small eggs. Small egg head is small, but the name is not small - "I am the future", the little egg was named "artificial intelligence future cute look" loud name. Friends hot little eggs, has long been a veritable "net red robot", Alpha egg family "stars gathered."


The Alpha egg family star-studded behind, inseparable from the world's leading voice technology and rooted in the field of children for many years the results of the study fly Feiyun single-handedly build. On the basis of the intelligent voice based on HKUST, the company has developed TY OS system, dedicated to children's intelligent products, professional voice technology solutions and cloud intelligence platform. The face of artificial intelligence into the rolling wave of life, continue to bring consumers such as the Alpha egg family and other outstanding intelligent products, such as flying Feiyun will be promising.