2017 Chinese Yiwu Artificial Intelligence CNC Machining Parts Expo

- Nov 25, 2017-

2017 Chinese Yiwu artificial intelligence CNC machining parts Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo") on November 23rd -25, held in Yiwu International Expo center. The Expo exhibition hall planning area of 22 thousand and 500 square meters, is divided into intelligent life exhibition, intelligent systems and intelligent robot exhibition, exhibition and other professional exhibition perception. Through efforts to build domestic and foreign well-known influence of equipment, intelligent manufacturing exhibition, exchange, cooperation platform to promote the development of exhibition, trade, trade, production, learning, research and other joint development, to seize the commanding heights of industrial development, the formation of new energy in the transformation and development of Zhejiang province.

Compared with previous years, the Expo larger scale and higher level, more influential. It is understood that the exhibitors elite gathering, including Microsoft, Intel, HUAWEI, Geely Group, Datang Jingdong intelligence, Gao Hong, iFLYTEK, Kuang technology, Hikvision, UOB shares, ehualu, Harbin Institute of robotics group at home and abroad such as the field of artificial intelligence dragon head enterprise. During the exhibition, Microsoft will showcase the artificial intelligence robot virtual partner - Microsoft wheatgrass, open technology will show the inner system, the koala Yingbin hagongda robot system, education group will showcase robots, service robots, medical robots, robot products.

Expo to build the 3D panoramic poster as the background, shows the full range, Yiwu local customs and practices Tomohiro exhibitors survey and information content of the online platform -- "palm Sophia fair", in order to replace the traditional exhibition manual. At the same time also for the exhibitors set up online interactive plate, including graphics and video broadcast, can make the future exhibition visitors can directly see the activities of the entire exhibition hall on the mobile phone, realize a intelligent "feast", the real implementation of the exhibition, the exhibition is intelligent.

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By George Ding